SAJ Investments is a boutique investment and consultancy company based in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. SAJ has interests in various sectors including Oil & Gas, Banking, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Real Estate. Subsidiaries and affiliate companies of SAJ has their presence and operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and China. SAJ is in the process of expanding its portfolio and operations of the group to new geography’s and sectors while pursuing integration and cooperation among the various units. Besides being an investment company SAJ is providing wealth management solutions to its shareholders and partners. SAJ assists its partners in raising equity and debt financing and provides other services like coordinating with the government departments, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders for necessary approvals and other ancillary services. The Company chairman is HH Taimur bin As’ad al Said, a visionary leader and a successful businessman. Sh. Nasr bin Amur Al Hosni is the Chief Executive Officer. SAJ is managed by professionals with extensive experience in Banking, Investments, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Education etc.